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Commercial and Fleet Upfitting

Working from the road can present many challenges.  Advanced Modifications can upfit your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with the design that works for you.  Whether you are stocking parts and supplies, or cargo to be delivered, we can develop mobile workspace that is both functional and impressive when displayed.  Many of our projects include durable cabinetry and shelving that will withstand varied temperatures and terrain.  Utilizing products developed and manufactured by Malley Industries allows us to offer high quality products that keep up with the changing demands of commercial market.  Whether you are looking for steel or composite interior shelving, roof racks, fibersglass truck bodies, or aerials, with Malley Industries, we can find the right product to meet your needs.  One of the new innovations from Malley Industries is the LINERACK: Transit Connect.  The LINERACK system is built directly into the vehicle structure to maximize space efficiency and strength and is further reinforced with an aluminum backing.  The attached bins can be labeled and subdivided to meet the individual needs of the customer.  In addition, the LINERACK liner package comes with a pre-installed E-track cargo restraint system.  THE LINERACK has been extensively tested and is designed to support 100lbs of cargo per side.  Its innovative design does not extend beyond the width of the wheel wells, meaning the van’s entire cargo area is useable.